Want To Increase Your Income? – Contextual Ads Are the Answer to Your Dream

BY IN Uncategorized, 19.12.2016

Being a popular mode of online advertising, you can actually make a fortune using contextual ads.  As such, if you want to join those already earning money online on their sites, you will definitely need to take advantage of this great advertising module and make even more.


To begin with, let’s have a look at infolinks, a contextual advertising system operating with various publishing firms alongside thousands of live websites globally. As regards http://www.magenet.com/contextual-ads/, infolinks is considered among the most effective alternative to AdSense. What is more interesting here is that both AdSense and infolinks can be used simultaneously while maintaining that good relationship with search engines. Besides, the system can be blended with other numerous networks to boost income.

Infolinks comprise of contextual ads and have been in use for quite some time. They relate well with various publishing firms and operate with a great number of popular advertising platforms across the globe. Pizza Hut, HP and Ebay are some of those reaping huge benefits through infolinks. How then do these advertising networks benefit from infolinks? Well, the idea here is simple – with a broad directory of ads in the queue waiting to be viewed in your site with reasonable pay-outs and CPCs placed on them, you can rest assured that it is actually a great way to earn money.

There are different formats of infolink ads designed for both mobile and desktop users to help you enhance your income regardless of the situation. Infolinks help to analyse your website enabling them to display relevant ads in relation to your keyword phrases just the same way it happens with AdSense. The only difference being that infolinks have an enhanced algorithm which ensures great results as well as increased CTR (Click rates) while avoiding meddling too much with your pop ups or ads as it is the case with other networks.

Learning to use infolinks  can be a great idea. So where do you start? In case you are one of those who use the following CMS: Blogger, Joomla, WP or Drupal, then it shouldn’t take you long to get started. You can also click here to learn more: http://www.magenet.com/contextual-ads/. But still, it is simple to install infolinks in your WP site and connect it to your account. You actually do not require including additional plugins or JavaScript in your html/php code. This is an advantage which less tech savvy individuals should grab to enhance their online income.

After installing your infolinks in your WP website, it is time to customise it to suit your needs. In this case, let us now get down to understanding the various options of customization that come with each particular ad type.  First of all, let’s look at the InText ads considering that they are responsible for the way infolinks work today.  Here, infolinks generate links from website’s content by analysing the used keywords phrases, thereby leading to more exciting non-intrusive ads with a higher click rate. You can choose the number of links you wish for per every page (between 1 and 12), link style as well as colour that matches your website design needs from the InText manager.

After successfully customising your infolink ads, you may decide to simultaneously install the settings on other of your sites by simply including them in the dashboard and you will be ready to go.

InTag ads come second in line and fall right in the same group as the Intex ads. Just like Intexts, they come as keywords. However, in the place of links appearing on your content, a tag cloud consisting related phrases does. It is more or less like the Google AdSense ads and you can easily customise the colour, number of lines and position of the tag cloud – bottom, top or both.

There are actually a number of infolink ad types. You can use the link above to peruse through them and learn how you can utilise each one of them to make great money online.