How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings

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How Digital Marketers Can Improve SEO Rank

Some digital marketing experts are of the opinion that guest blogging has had its day, while others say that social media holds the key to the future.

There’s No Single Strategy For Digital Marketers

However, the truth of the matter is that there is no single strategy that can help to boost the search engine rankings. Hence, there are content marketing ‘strategies’ that can give the marketer the success they are looking for.

The point where SEO and content marketing overlaps

Before delving deep into the question, one must understand what both of these concepts stand for.

SEO helps to increase the organic traffic of a web page. While on the other hand, content marketing is done to increase traffic.

The main point of similarity is this—for search engine optimization, content plays a crucial role, and for the latter, the name itself suggests the importance of content. So, in both cases great content is necessary.

How both of them compliment and benefit each other?

One must understand how both of them can complement each other and help in the growth of a business.

Some of the basic tasks that one does for SEO might include:

  • Optimizing the page speed
  • Making the content responsive and also making sure of the originality of the content.
  • Fixing bad redirects and dead links with the help of supports such as 301 Redirect and rel canonical tag
  • Ensuring that content has clear heading tags

All of these measures go a long way in helping one to boost their marketing (of content) efforts as well.

SEO and Content Go Hand-in-Hand

Irrespective of where they are coming from, a faster page load speed and responsive content are vital for better user experience. Moreover, by fixing bad redirects, one can keep their readers on their website going through their other content.

Also, the marketing of content is about a better user experience. The way in which SEO has been heading towards, for the last couple of years, this is exactly how both of them complement each other.

If such is the case, then which one should come first?

To begin with, the case for the marketing of content coming first:

In this case, a person can naturally focus their attention on conjuring up ideas that their target audience would be interested in.

After this is done, following a quick check for plagiarism with the help of a website plagiarism checker to find out if there’s any identical content. The writer would then carry out keyword research that can determine the ranking of the page.

Promotion of the Content allow it to Reach the Maximum Numbers of Audience

And, finally, they can try their best to find a way by which they can get that content in front of the maximum possible people.

Now, for the case of SEO first:

Although, after reading the first instance, one might be inclined to follow the technique mentioned above, it is essential to remember that certain advantages are exclusive for the keyword-first technique.

First of all, following this method means generating the content of much higher quality, and the chances of creating duplicate content issues reduce significantly. It is important to be aware of the benefits a duplicate content checker for SEO offers your website.

Keywords Are Important For SEO First

The advantage of knowing which keywords to go for from the beginning, the chances of creating the content one intended for always remains intact. Hence, this content marketing strategy is one of the best strategies one can take.

Secondly, by framing content around specific keywords, one can ensure that he/she finds all medium to the most searched keywords, irrespective of the value they might have for one’s target audience.

And finally, the case for a mixture of both:

By now, it should be clear enough that both of these approaches have their share of advantages and disadvantages, and hence, using both of them in sync can only bear fruitful results.

Focus attention on evergreen contents to get the best of both worlds

Evergreen contents refer to those contents that can be just as relevant and useful in the future as they are today.

It can be better understood with the example of Google’s algorithms, which are relevant for a short period, and then they are changed after a while, rendering them useless.

Write Original and Evergreen Content

Not only does evergreen content on a site, helps one to get the initial traffic boost, but it also ensures the long-term traffic from various search engines as well.

Pick metrics in such a way that it covers both sides of the coin

Some content marketers still don’t know if their content marketing or SEO rank efforts are working.

To be effective in this endeavor one needs to pick metrics like

  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Keywords
  • Ranking
  • Subscribers and others to track.

These metrics reflect the outcome of one’s work and tell them whether or not they are on the right track.

If these metrics aren’t improving over time, then one needs to rethink their strategy.

One can have the option of choosing metrics that cater to each part separately. They can also go for both of them together.

In conclusion

Both the SEO and content are highly effective techniques to generate traffic and conversions, and obviously to generate profit for one’s online businesses.

But one doesn’t need to pick between the two of them. An online business owner can benefit from both at the same time. Focusing on one aspect can automatically increase the results of the other.

Both Content and SEO are Important for Search Engine Ranking

So, here in this blog, five areas have been discussed that can either affect or are affected by one’s SEO and content marketing strategy. If a person understands all of the concepts mentioned above, then he/she must be able to tackle both sides in their future marketing endeavors.

In the end, it can be said that the original and unique piece of content always attracts more traffic than exceptionally ornamented copied content or ideas. So, using a plagiarism detector can be a wise option.