How to Become Guest Poster- the Ultimate Guide to Becoming Effective Guest Blogger

BY IN Basics of Web Design, 4.04.2017

Guest blogging is one of the fastest means of building authority within your niche industry, and you will be surprised about how many brands that have benefited immensely from such activities.  Here are some proven and effective steps to take to become an effective guest-blogger;

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Be sure of your guest-blogging objectives

You need to be sure of what you hope to achieve through guest blogging, this will help you ascertain the type of blogs you hope to submit your posts to. There are three main objectives of guest blogging;

–          Position yourself and brand as a well-recognized person in your chosen niche industry,

–          Expand your exposure and direct more traffic to your blog, and

–          Generate more backlinks to your blog or website.

Search for guest-blogging opportunities

Your next step is to locate the most suitable guest-blogging opportunities, and you can do this by looking for blogs and websites that are only relevant to your niche industry. Yu must lookout for the following in the blogs you want to submit contents to;

–          The blog must have relevant contents that are focused on your field of industry,

–          The blog’s audience must be interested in your niche,

–          The blog has an actively engaged readership and followership, through shared contents on social media, and

–          The blog owner is socially active on the social media network.

You can search for the ideal guest post platform through Google searches. Make sure you use the right keywords, these include “submit guest posts”, “guest posts”, and “accepting guest posts”. You can also search through the most prolific bloggers within your industry- It will be great to have a good guest poster to write an introduction for you when you guest-post.

Make use of competitors’ backlinks

Aside from using Google searches and looking for prolific guest-bloggers, you can also conduct an analysis of the backlinks on your competitors’ websites and you will be surprised that some of your competitors must have generated backlinks through the guest posts they have received. With the use of a tool such as Open Site Explorer, you can simply check and analyze backlinks on your competitors’ pages and then spot those blogs they have written and submitted posts unto.

Make use of social media searches

Most website owners and guest bloggers will normally share the posts they have just written on their social media pages. The easiest social network to use for this purpose is the “Twitter search”, where you can put the keyword; “guest post”, make sure you search in your chosen industry and then follow the links that come up to see the blogs accepting the guest posts. You can learn more about this on adsy.

Prepare your guest blog pitch

You need to ask yourself, will your guest posts get as much attention an comments through social sharing , if not you may end up generating traffic for the blog owner. You need to ensure that you check the profile of other guest bloggers, this will be important as you introduce yourself to the blog owner. Secondly, you need to check which guest posts perform the best on the blog-you can use the blog’s domain and add “.com”, and you will see the number of times the contents on a blog has been shared or tweeted. For an effective pitch, make sure you familiarize yourself with guest-posting guidelines.

Submit a great content as your guest post

Remember the content is not about you, and make sure you add some screenshots, on the content. Make sure the content is between 500 to 1,000 words and has no advertisement.

You can check out adsy, to learn more about how to  guest-post.