7 Best Ways to Give Your Logo a Makeover

BY IN Uncategorized, 3.04.2017

Redesigning a company’s logo can be a delicate balancing act, especially when it’s one that the business has used for a long time. You don’t want to create something that feels tired and outdated, but you also don’t want to alienate the company’s most loyal followers. So how do you give a logo a fresh new look—without losing the things that attracted people to the brand in the first place?


Without a clear focus and an understanding of the best ways to optimize a design, that “new and improved” logo might end up being worse than before. To ensure that your new logo doesn’t end up a hot mess, keep these vital logo redesign tips in mind.

  1. Play up the best parts of the original logo

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at the company’s original logo? Chances are, that’s the thing that makes it most unique. Make that trait even more prominent and adjust the logo’s other details to support that central element.

  1. Borrow past ideas

If the company’s logo has gone through multiple iterations over the years, sometimes looking back can help you to move forward. Try updating an older version of the logo for a retro look that also expresses the business’s rich history.

  1. Keep it simple

The age-old advice is true: keeping it simple is always a smart idea, especially when dealing with logos. Consider slimming down to a lighter, cleaner typeface and simplifying any other shapes and patterns that the logo uses.

  1. Choose the most important colors

Most popular logos use two or three colors. If your logo uses more hues than that, you may want to consider trimming the fat. Try a design that centers on the one color that’s most important to the company’s brand.

  1. Embrace new aesthetics and old traditions

Not every logo redesign rides in like a revolutionary with its guns blazing. Sometimes all you have to do is update some of the details—tweak a color, change a typeface, or clean up a few minor flourishes. Don’t feel like you need to throw away all of the tried-and-true elements that have served the company for generations.

  1. Improve readability

Logos have to be easy to read, especially for relatively new companies that can’t rely upon years of public recognition. You can go with a completely different typeface or stick with something a little more similar; try altering the logo’s kerning or making slight adjustments to certain letters.

  1. Incorporate hidden meanings

A “secret image” embedded in your logo can add unexpected depth. Optical illusions (such as a letter or symbol formed out of negative space) can subtly suggest concepts to the viewer, without beating them over the head.

Redesigning a logo is no easy task; even the most experienced designer sometimes needs a helping hand. If you’re struggling to give an old logo a new coat of paint, contact Company Folders’ logo design team for assistance. Their combined decades of design experience will bring a fresh perspective and professional eye to your project, so you can pull off the perfect redesign for your logo.

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