How to Blog for Bucks

BY IN Uncategorized, 5.08.2016

Get ready to be mind blown.
The world’s most popular blogs are making about $30,000 a day.

Whoa! Slow down your thinking there…before you get excited, you should know that those guys have been around for at least six or so years, and they’ve mastered stuff you probably haven’t even heard about.


It’s not a good idea to think you can start making tons of money online, because chances are, that’s not going to be happening anytime soon.

But. If you learn today how to blog for bucks, you’ll be that much closer to generating cash from your site.

It’s assumed we don’t have to discuss things in this post, like:

  • The design of your website, or
  • The technical aspects of it, like getting the coding right for search engine optimization, or
  • How you’re going to generate sales

This post is about attracting enough people to your blog so that you can make money.

Be clear about who you’re writing for

Are you writing for this girl who is a student and passionate about the welfare of dogs?


Or are you writing for this businessman who enjoys a game of golf on weekends?
Or maybe you’re writing for this couple who used to be teachers and live in a middle class neighbourhood, and who are concerned about politics and the economy:
Each of these people have different needs, desires and problems. If you write for everybody, you’ll attract nobody, so you have to know and understand your target audience.

Not only is this important so that you build authority with your readers which helps them trust you enough to buy from you in time, but it’s also vital from a search engine point of view. If you are not clear about who you’re blogging for, search engines will also be unclear as to who to send to your website. This results in your site getting traffic, but all the wrong traffic, which means less sales.

Use the right words

Using the right words is part of knowing who you’re writing for. But it serves a dual purpose, in that by using the right words, your blog is able to convey to search engines what you’re about, who you’re writing for, and the search terms they use to find the solutions you offer.

The key to finding the right words – known as keywords, or keyword phrases – is keyword research. You need to find keywords that are searched often enough, but don’t have too much competition (other websites using the same words).

Finding the right keywords can be a tricky business, but this article by HubSpot should shed some light.

Optimize your blog content

Learning how to blog to attract as much traffic as possible, has to involve learning about how search engines work.

See, if search engines don’t send traffic to your site, you won’t ever get free traffic. Besides, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, and 75% of people never click beyond the first page of search engine results.

If you don’t optimize your blog content, you’re never going to get to that front page, which means you’ll lose out on at least 75% of potential traffic.

Learn how to SEO optimize your content.

Add fresh content regularly

Ever participated in a raffle? Maybe you even tried entering a few times, so that you had a greater chance of winning. Well, it’s kind of like that with search engine rankings. The more content you have on your website, the more your content will be indexed, and search engines assign ranking based on freshness of content, and the relevancy of it.

As your content ages, so does it’s freshness score, and this impacts your ranking.

It’s why top blogs – those making between $15 000 and $30 000 a day – post about 600 articles a week!

Broadcast your blog

When your blog is still a tadpole in the pool, you have to wait for search engines to “find” new content that you upload. But there are ways to speed up the process, and promoting your own content is one of them.

The trick is to put links to your blog posts from other, more popular websites, because search engines crawl them often, and when they find links from those websites to yours, your content will be located and placed on their index a lot faster than had you simply waited for them to “find” it themselves.

In summary

If you want to learn how to blog so you get as much traffic as possible, in order to make as many sales as possible, follow these tips:

  1. Have a clear picture about who you are writing for and their needs
  2. Find the right words to use in your content
  3. Make your content search engine friendly
  4. Add new content regularly
  5. Make sure people know about your blog and the new content you publish