Free Icons Collection

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Looking for some freebies? You are right on the spot! In this article we’ve collected a huge list of more than 1000 free web icons! These icons work great in a variety of different ways. Use them for apps, websites, templates, promotional materials, presentations, illustrations, infographics, and more! Just scroll down and enjoy your freebie!


This collection includes different categories of icons: holiday icons, travel icons, food and drink icons, animal icons and medical icons. Moreover, here you’ll find a little bonus from SmashingMagazine – free hand-drawn doodle icon set!

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Holiday icons

Here we’ve collected amazing free icons for Valentine’s day, Christmas and Easter. All these icons are made by talented Ukrainian designer Olha Filipenko. These icons  are fully scalable, stroke weight 3.5 pt. Useful for mobile apps, UI and Web.

Free Christmas icons – 78 items


Free Valentine’s Day icon set


Easter icon set, 90 items


Food and Drink icons

Food and drink collection includes lots of lovely free icons. A delicious freebie set for your design needs. This compilation includes SVG and PNG icons distributed in food, drink and kitchenware categories. Do not hesitate to grab it 🙂

Free Candy Icons in PNG & SVG Format


Creaticons | Food & Beverages

One of the most impressive collections of food and beverage icons on the web!


Free Gardening Icon Set

Take a look at these 80 garden icons (delivered as PNG and SVG files)


FoodShift Icon Set: 100 Free Food & Drink Icons

This amazing set consist of 100 icons in 3 sizes (64px, 128px, and 256px). Formats: AI, EPS, SVG & PNG


Food and Drink Free Vector Icons

150 SVG and PNG icons are waiting for you here!


Free Kitchen Stuff Icons

Here comes an amazing set of free kitchen icons. You’ll find 100 free icons inside.



50 Free Cute Linear Animal Icons

These animal icons are simple and stunning at the same time.  People seem to love linear icons, because of their simplicity, and their refinement.



Everyone loves to travel. There’s something about exploring new countries that is so exciting and exhilarating. Below you’ll find sets of free travel icons which you can use for personal and commercial purposes.

Free Travel Icons (PNG + SVG Formats)

You can easily edit these travel icons and use them for your projects


Free Travelling icon set

One more collection from Olha Filipenko


Travel & Vacation Icon Set

Take a look at these 32 line vector icons( AI, EPS, SVG, and PNG formats)



These icons are ideal for medical related mobile apps or websites.

30 Free Medical & Science Line & Color Icons


Medical and Science Outline Icon Set

This lovely  set of 80+ Medical Icons is perfect for medical and Science related Projects, Mobile Apps, websites, print templates, presentation templates, illustrations etc. Available in PSD format.



Free Hand-Drawn Doodle Icon Set (100 Icons, PNG, PSD, SVG)

Add some personal atmosphere to your design with this stunning collection from Smashing Magazine! Hand-Drawn stuff is always a good idea!


Freebies are a great solution for every web designer.

Remember the last time you’ve had a creative block? With free design essentials, you’ll easily find your inspiration! Create awesome stuff using freebies from this post!