How to Create a Website with AI Website Builder?

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AI Website Builder

Are you wondering how to create a website with AI Website Builder? The current development of technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence offers enormous development opportunities. This also applies to building your own website. Until recently, it was necessary to use web development services and the services of professional website builders who knew the programming languages necessary to create a website. Currently, you can create such a custom website yourself in a very short time. What is it about? How do AI website builders make it easier to create a fully functional website?

  • How to create a website with AI Website Builder?
  • AI generated website—website customisation
  • AI tools — SEO optimization
  • Connecting a custom domain to a website
  • How to build your website with AI technology, step by step?

How to create a website with AI Website Builder?

If you are looking for a solution on how to create a website with AI Website Builder, the website generators and tools will be very helpful. In a few words, you can create an entire website, personal website, or online store in just a few minutes. Just a few clicks are needed throughout the website creation process.

AI tools, especially the AI-powered website builder, allow you to create a website in any language. You can choose the style of your website and design it in a short time without the need to know coding, HTML, or specialized software. The website design depends on your vision, needs, expectations, and goals you want to achieve.

The wizards provide a “drag and drop” option, which facilitates graphic design and arrangement of individual elements on the page. Modern AI tools do not specify the workspace and sections where content or graphics must be located. The lack of a rigid layout gives you full opportunities to create original AI-generated websites.

Another important issue is the ability to regenerate the website if you are not entirely satisfied with its layout. Free AI website builder allows you to experiment with multiple versions of your website, create copies of it, and use the countless ideas provided by artificial intelligence.

Best AI website builder will certainly soon become one of the tools that web designers will also start using.

AI generated website — website customisation

Best AI website builder enables maximum website customization, starting with the choice of colors. It can create a color scheme that will be original, unusual, and tailored to the needs of a specific brand, its specificity, character, and industry. These will match the description being sent to the AI. After analyzing the data provided, it suggests solutions, among which there will certainly be a variant that you will like the most.

Free AI website builder also allows you to modify fonts, use non-standard solutions, and recommend font sets that will be most suitable for the brand. You can also use your own, previously selected fonts. This gives a lot of freedom to all website creators who want to create it themselves from scratch.

AI tools — SEO optimisation

Advanced AI-powered website builders enable SEO optimisation of the website. You don’t have to develop content for the website or pay others to prepare it. Just enter general keywords and the AI website generator will fill the page with text. The content will be developed with SEO in mind to be enjoyable for readers and friendly to search engine algorithms.

Well-developed SEO means that the website appears more often in the search engine and is visited more often by potential customers and readers. A modern AI builder may also provide insight into analyses that show where the website traffic comes from, what users visit it, and how to further improve the results. SEO-optimized content is important for both small and large businesses.

Connecting a custom domain to a website

People interested in using the discussed AI tool can also decide to connect their own domain to their website. Usually, adding an individually selected domain is an additionally paid option, but a definitely recommended solution for professional projects. You can choose a web hosting provider or use the options that site builder sometimes recommend.

The domain is very important. It may contain keywords, the name of the company or brand, and indicate what will be on the website. Plus, it will be much easier for users to find you online. Shorter domains are easier to remember, so the choice may also affect SEO results.

How to build your website with AI technology, step by step?

First, you should create your vision of the website, and prepare a description of this vision in simple words, but with important information and details that may affect the final layout of the website.

The next step is to enter a description into the generator and click the “Generate” button. In a few minutes, you will be able to see the full version of your website that AI has created based on the information you provided.

The third step is personalization—using ready-made fonts, content, images, and colors recommended by AI or introducing your own solutions.

The fourth step is to fill the page with content in such a way that it best matches your brand’s vision, in terms of SEO. The content must be engaging and encourage people to get to know the brand and its offer.

The last step is final SEO optimization to increase traffic and gain new customers. At this stage, you can also choose a domain and publish your website on the Internet.