How To Install a WordPress Theme. Step-by-Step Video Guide

BY IN Tutorials, 2.10.2015

I love WordPress, and the fact is – many of you love WP too. Its easy and user-friendly interface, the huge selection of themes, plugins and extensions, these things are why WordPress is the CMS of choice for millions of website owners out there. The only downside I can see in WordPress is that sometimes installing a WP theme may be a little bit too tricky to my liking.

wp theme installation guide

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who had issues installing a WP theme, I also know there are people new to all this installations stuff and new to WordPress itself. So for all of those people I have created this step-by-step installation tutorial video below. The tutorial assumes you already have WordPress installed. So if you do not, you’ll need to go to, download WP and follow the instructions to install it.

We are installing this free WordPress theme for business from our collection:


Please note – this theme comes with sample content files, most of the free themes do not have those. If you install a theme that comes without sample content just prepare some content beforehand.

All you need to have to follow this WP theme installation guide is WordPress and a template. I strongly suggest you download the theme we are installing in the video so you could follow the instructions precisely and understand what goes where.

In case you’re searching for premium themes to build a website from scratch, look through WordPress themes for business.

Well, that’s it I think, enjoy the video!