How To Install an HTML Web Template. Video Tutorial

BY IN Tutorials, 25.09.2015

I’ve been working in web design related projects for almost 10 years now, and I have to admit – I still don’t know how to install many of the products. I do know though how to install the most popular ones, those being Website Templates and WordPress Themes. So I decided to share this useful knowledge with you. Today we are going to learn how to install an HTML5 template.


The template we are installing is a free photo portfolio website template from our collection. Here’s how your website will look like at the end of this tutorial:


Now, this tutorial will fit any HTML template installation, but I suggest you download the template and follow the steps in the video for better understanding.

There are no special requirements here, all you need to have is a template and server space.

You know how almost any template’s description states installation is easy and flawless… well, HTML templates are indeed very easy to install, watch yourself!

The WordPress installation video tutorial is coming up next, so stay tuned!