PDFs for Remote Learning

BY IN Uncategorized, 26.01.2022


Free PDF editors have become a useful tool for students and teachers during the pandemic as classes went virtual. The nature of PDFs makes it easy for students and teachers to share documents, add notes to them, and collaborate with their classmates on the same document at the same time. PDFs also let teachers create lesson plans that they can save and edit in the future to use with other classes to teach other subjects. A good online PDF editor increases the uses that PDFs can have in the virtual classroom, as students and teachers can not only view a PDF file but also edit and make changes.

Benefits of Distance Learning 

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic closed schools worldwide, distance or remote learning was the preferred learning method for many people. While remote learning may not be for everyone, there are many benefits to this type of instruction, including:

  • Flexible hours and schedules
  • Lack of lengthy, time-consuming commutes
  • Instills skills like time management and organization
  • Allows students to participate in classroom discussions more easily

During the pandemic, of course, another benefit of remote learning was ensuring the safety of students, teachers, and school staff. But, in the educational sphere, remote learning also gives students more freedom to explore subjects and class material on their own.

With digital documents and class material in the form of PDFs, students can review their lessons after the in-person, remote class has ended. Self-learning after the in-person virtual class has finished referred to as asynchronous learning, which is the opposite of synchronous learning, which is when students are logged into their virtual classroom listening to their instructor giving a live class.

Best Solutions for Remote Learning

The challenge presented to students and teachers during the shift to remote learning was how best to replicate in-person classes online. This change meant looking for the best e-learning sites for online education and ensuring all students had high-speed internet connections and the requisite hardware (laptops, tablets, etc.) to receive online instruction.

Many e-learning school education sites already existed for schools and other institutions to use that became essential during a lockdown. Many new ones also popped up that cater to other grade levels and were easier to use for teachers that were new to e-learning and education. Aside from these platforms that blended video-telecommunications, chat rooms, and document sharing, other sites and software were needed for students and teachers to share important documents.

Online PDF Editors 

One such supplemental program was Lumin PDF, an online PDF editor also available for download for offline use. Lumin PDF is an easy-to-use, all-in-one PDF reader and editor that has a familiar user interface that lets users perform any number of different edits and modifications to their PDF documents.

Lumin users can, all at once, view their PDFs, add or remove text, and share their PDFs via cloud-storage platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox so users can collaborate in real-time on a single document. Users can also add comments and annotations to a document for other users to see so they too can add their comments or notes.

Lumin, along with many other different free PDF editors, has been a valuable tool for students and teachers to communicate and collaborate during the shift to remote learning. But Lumin has uses that reach far beyond the classroom, and it remains one of the most trusted and reliable online PDF editors around.