Spotify monthly listeners – do you want to know more?

BY IN Uncategorized, 18.01.2022

When you dream of becoming a great musician as a child, no one warns you about the problems you might face. Nobody says that apart from writing music, it will be necessary to decide where to publish it, that it is not so easy to become popular in the music space, that it will be necessary to understand how the platform works, what statistics are there, analyze it, that it will be essential to promote oneself in order to succeed. In childhood, everything seems simple and straightforward. You made the music, played it, and that’s it. You are the king of the stage and the favorite of millions. But, alas, when you become an adult, you face all these problems.

So let’s start by choosing a platform. It’s not hard to guess that you have chosen Spotify. It is the most comfortable and largest platform in the music space. It is already used by over 350 million people, which tells us about its convenience. It is available in almost all countries of the world, available for any type of device, which means you can gather a very diverse audience. It is also convenient for musicians because it shows various statistics when analyzing and you can see your progress in one way or another.

About statistics. You can find various metrics in it, namely plays, likes, saves, monthly listeners, etc. And in this case, Spotify monthly listeners raise a lot of questions. Many people don’t understand their differences with plays. So, monthly listeners mean the number of unique users who have listened to your songs in the last 28 days. Their difference from plays is that plays count every listening to the song, regardless of who did it. That is, the user does not matter here. But monthly listeners just count these users, regardless of how many times they listened to the song. Each user is counted once.

Why is it worth paying attention to this particular statistic? Because it shows your real listeners, the number of your fans. The number of your subscribers can be one and listeners another, simply because your subscribers do not have to listen to your music, they can generally subscribe to you and forget about it, but listeners reflect the real state of affairs. Even when comparing the number of Spotify monthly listeners and plays, you can understand how many times, on average, one user listens to your compositions. The more this figure is, the better. It means that your fans are ready to listen to your songs over and over again, which is very good for a musician.

I hope today you understood how important it is to study statistics, understand them, and analyze and build your progress. Understand your audience and how much they love you. Continue to develop, and you will succeed. Good luck!