Tap the Power of Airbnb management software!

BY IN Uncategorized, 24.03.2021

Running an Airbnb property can be complex and time-consuming, especially when you have multiple rentals to manage, care for, and keep shining. If you want to make your Airbnb hosting easier and more efficient you should consider getting professional vacation rental software.

The best systems promise incredible benefits, including better guest communication, enhanced booking management, price automation, and, ultimately, more business. Read on to learn about key features of Airbnb software and the potential benefits they can drive to your short-term rental venture.

What is Airbnb software?

Powerful software offers you everything you need to efficiently administrate your rentals, optimize routine Airbnb tasks, and stay competitive and attractive for prospects.

The best short-term rental management software (like this) will offer the following functionality:

  • Enhanced guest communication. Airbnb users expect owners to be online 24/7 and immediately reply to inquiries and messages. For a host or property manager, it is a hell of a work. With a handy tool at your fingertips, communication with your guests will always be flawless thanks to automated responses, and you will never lose business opportunities. Speedy replies can put you close to the Super Host status on Airbnb, inspiring trust in prospects and bringing more deals!
  • Unified Inbox. It is a critical feature inherent in advanced Airbnb software service. Unified Inbox organizes communication history with all clients in one place, while also allowing you to send replies directly from the app, without the need to log in to your Airbnb account.
  • Reviews management. Writing reviews after each guest checkout is painful and time-robbing. The best Airbnb management software can put this on autopilot. Many software solutions allow you to design templates for reviews using pre-defined elements and leave feedback directly from the systems, while also prompting your tenants to drop a review for you. The Reviews Management feature is especially convenient for hosts operating numerous listings across different property rental platforms.
  • Airbnb SEO. Poor visibility in Airbnb search results can translate into scant business. It hurts. To make your listing visible to the platform’s users, you need to appear in top results on Airbnb SERP. Airbnb’s algorithms scrutinize every listing by hundreds of factors to determine its position in the ranking, including response times, the quantity of reviews, being added to guests’ wishlists, and many other aspects. If you manage several Airbnb listings, doing manual SEO optimization for each of them is extremely hard. But with strong Airbnb management tools to bring comprehensive automation to your daily operations, your chances to get higher in Airbnb search results skyrocket.
  • Calendar Sync. If you advertise your rental property on various platforms, a failure to keep your booking calendar synced can end up in double/triple bookings with all the nasty consequences imaginable. Implementing the right Airbnb management software will help you manage your listings across multiple channels through a single interface. Once your lodge is reserved on one site, its availability will instantly update on all other platforms. If your tenants alternate the booking dates, these changes will automatically apply to the availability calendar across all other platforms.
  • Multiple Account Management. It is not untypical for hosts to run multiple rentals. But Airbnb permits an owner to create only one account per property. As a result, you can find yourself constantly logging in and out between your numerous accounts, losing time, effort, and patience. This can also lead to confusion and, as a result, lost business. No matter the number of your listings, a great Airbnb property management app allows you to manage them all via one dashboard. Moreover, you can adjust your calendar and update your listing right through the interface.
  • Team management. If you employ personnel to keep your property in good condition, Airbnb management software provides for smooth team coordination, as well. For example, cleaners and maintainers will receive notifications automatically after checkout. The software allows you to see which cleaner is busy now, who has completed the task, or who has not started yet. A team management feature gives you peace of mind that your properties are always cleaned and maintenance issues are always resolved before guests check-in.
  • Auto-pricing. Top-notch Airbnb management software comes with a hefty auto-pricing module that will adjust the booking cost based on the provided amenities, possible extras, seasonality, upcoming events, a market situation in the neighborhood, remoteness from the center/main touristic attractions. This enables the hosts to offer adequate prices, yet without missing the potential revenue. Using the auto-pricing too, it is also possible to automate discounts for low-season, first-time, and longer stays, or just to incentive regular clients.
  • Business Performance Reports. Airbnb property software is loaded with a management tool allowing you to track the performance of their listings and get insights on such important metrics as gross revenue, profit per night, booking utilization, missed opportunities, and more. You can get stats on confirmed and canceled reservations, a medium stay, an average payout per deal, an average number of guests, etc. With extensive statistics on your Airbnb performance, you can make better business decisions and eliminate bottlenecks in your operations.

Potential benefits of Airbnb property software

Once you pick the best tool, you can expect the following tangible benefits:

  • Automated tasks;
  • Streamlined guest communication;
  • Increased response rates;
  • Improved ranking on Airbnb search results;
  • Enhanced managerial efficiency;
  • Easy team and contractor collaboration;
  • A holistic picture of your business performance and potential gaps;
  • Fail-free availability calendar.

When your Airbnb business performs irreproachably, your guests will have nothing to complain about. Thus, they will be happy to give you the cherished five stars and write positive reviews for your listing. This all can dramatically improve your ranking position and get you closer to the Super Host status on Airbnb. This status can, in turn, significantly boosts the owner’s trustworthiness in a prospect’s eyes and lead to more successful deals!