Useful Programs to Organize Your Work

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.03.2021

Nowadays, there is a variety of programs that simplify the work of millions of people around the world. Perhaps you are not yet aware of some applications or do not use them…check our list to get to know more about what can help you to organize your work successfully and make it much more productive.


  • Platforms: macOS, iOS, web.
  • Price: free.

It’s a branded office package from Apple, which can be downloaded for free by any Mac user. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications are almost inferior to Microsoft counterparts and allow you to create documents, tables, and presentations while editing them with colleagues on a macOS, iOS, or via the browser.


  • Platforms: macOS, iOS, watchOS.
  • Price: free.

It’s impossible to imagine office work without interacting with e-mail. Spark will help to disassemble incoming letters and respond to colleagues’ letters as quickly as possible. Thanks to a thoughtful interface, automatic sorting of letters, smart search, and many other useful functions, your work with mail will turn into a real pleasure.

Cold Turkey Blocker

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS.
  • Price: free or $25.

If you are distracted by inappropriate sites and programs too often while working, Cold Turkey Blocker will help you. This application blocks all distractions for the time you set. Until the deadline, you will not be able to open listed sites and programs. Cold Turkey Blocker can turn on locking automatically on a user-defined schedule.


  • Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, web.
  • Price: free or from $3.33 per month.

This small utility synchronizes your computer with your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets. Just install Pushbullet on all devices and connect them to a shared account. After that, you will be able to see all mobile notifications on your computer and transfer notes, links, and small files between gadgets.


Even if you’re not a designer, you’re probably editing images for various office cases from time to time. For example, you edit photos and adjust their colors for the next presentation or post on the corporate portal. Installing Photoshop for such purposes is foolish. It is easier to use its free alternative – GIMP.

Look Up

The Look Up application will take care of your health, in particular, of your vision. It helps reduce the tension the eye muscles get because of working at the computer. Every 20 minutes, an app reminds you to relax your eyes. Also in Look Up there is a selection of simple exercises for stretching the back and other muscles. This simple tool can increase your productivity greatly.


This popular digital notebook is an excellent tool for managing a large collection of text, graphic, and voice notes. Evernote offers a system of tags, which is also quite convenient. For even more convenience, tags can be grouped together. This unique approach allows you to easily structure hundreds or even thousands of notes and, if necessary, quickly find the needed ones. Evernote supports synchronization between devices and allows you to work without connecting to the Internet.

Foxit Reader

  • Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.
  • Price: free.

Office workers often have to deal with PDF documents. Understandably, it is important to have a convenient PDF viewer at hand. There is even a better solution – a program with which you can not only view documents but also comment on them. Foxit Reader is a good candidate for this purpose. It is fast and easy to manage. Using it, you can read PDF files, make notes in the text and leave comments on pages.

Every business that sells goods and services faces the need for sending invoices. Understandably, it’s an official document that includes all the information about what is being sold. And it’s essential to create and fill in invoices correctly to avoid problems with payments. Nowadays, it’s not a problem anymore, as there is – a free online invoice generator. With its help, even non-professionals can create an informative and stylish invoice in five minutes. The options offers are impressive: different colors, templates, the possibility to add the logo of your company. Having selected it, you will not only make preparing invoices much easier but also make your brand more recognizable.


As you can see, plentiful tools are offered to office workers to make their work process easier. Utilizing those, you will understand that boring business processes can be pure pleasure. Hopefully, our pieces of advice will help you to organize your work better than ever.