Top 10 Personal Page Web Templates

BY IN Web Templates, 22.12.2015

Can you imagine a modern business without a website? A professional without an online presence? A creative person without an online portfolio? Well, me neither. These days you have to be online if you want to be noticed and hired. And even if you are not looking for a job, blogs have never been this popular before, it seems to be the age of sharing yourself with the world via internet.

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Well, what do you do if you are not a web designer or developer and generally not a tech person but you still need that personal website? Luckily for you there are professional web designers and developers that have taken care of that for you. All you gotta do is choose the personal page template you like, tweak it a bit and there you have it – your own online presence all perfect and ready to show the world who you are and what you have to give.

Now, choosing a template can be quite perplexing what with the sheer number of platforms and designs to choose from. To help you with that uneasy choice I’ve gathered 10 of the best personal page templates we’ve got in our collection.

Each and every of these templates showcased below is among the best selling and best performing templates we have. Another common traits these personal page themes have are as follows:

  • Responsive. Every layout below will adopt smoothly to whatever screen size and device your website visitor uses to browse the site. Which in itself is an awesome feature, but it also entails you do not have to create a separate mobile version of your website and that’s double awesomeness if you ask me!
  • Cross-browser compatible. Obviously your readers will use different browsers, with these templates you can be sure the website will look and perform perfectly with any modern browser. User experience at it’s best!
  • Modernly designed. Trends and fashion crazes come and go, our designers made sure these personal pages are in line with the best of those trends that are sure stay for long and won’t look outdated.
  • Features and functions. Features differ from template to template, there are those that have parallax effects and those that don’t’, themes with animation and themes without. If you’d like to see some particular template closer and in every detail just visit the template’s live demo.

Blog Theme Joomla Template

Blog Theme Joomla Template

This clean blog design has a very stylish hero header slyder and bold typography, the images zoom in when you hover over them, the color palette is stylish, overall – awesome choice for a personal blog, traveller’s online journal or even a small business website.

Personal Page Moto CMS HTML Template

Personal Page Moto CMS HTML Template

This Moto CMS web template is designed for a personal fitness trainer, the theme has stunning photo backgrounds and stylishly dark color scheme.

Piano Teacher Website Template

Piano Teacher Website Template

Done in delicate pastel colors this website template is very fitting for a music teacher’s online presence to share plans, lessons and even music and videos.

Writer WordPress Theme

Writer WordPress Theme

This WordPress personal blog theme has parallax scrolling effect, lazy load and dynamic animated effects that make it not only exciting to browse but exceptionally user friendly as well.

Personal Page Responsive Joomla Template

Responsive Joomla Template

This Joomla theme has many a great feature but the most stunning by far is the color choice, the colors here are just so stylish.

Online CV WordPress Theme

Online CV WordPress Theme

This beautiful WordPress theme is truly impressive what with the video background in the header and bold choice of colors and design elements.

Personal Page Responsive Website Template

Personal Page Template

This responsive web template has fresh and bright colors, stylish typography and a number of awesome features which include HTML plus JS animation, drop-down menu and integrated Google map.

Blacksmith’s Services Website Template

Website Template

This truly stylish website template has a pretty unusual layout, and it works wonderfully with the chosen subject for this blog template.

Composer’s Portfolio Website Template

Portfolio Website Template

This responsive website template has full-width background images and very stylish colors which along with the bold typography and modern design elements create a truly sophisticated online presence.

Personal Page Responsive Website Template

Responsive Website Template

This website template is created with a makeup artist in mind, so naturally there is a lot of space for showcasing the works add the beautiful full-screen photo backgrounds and you’ve got an amazing online portfolio!