Top services with Japanese residential proxies

BY IN Uncategorized, 11.02.2021

Japanese proxy servers help its users access local content, even for people in Japan. This option allows you to buy goods at local prices and gather information from Japanese sites. Your IP address will look as if it comes from Japan. A rare provider of proxy servers grants its users an opportunity to surf the internet under reliable IP addresses from Japan. But we’ve collected some of these companies.

Warring: Do not use free Japanese IP addresses. Users get free proxies at the risk of having their personal information stolen. Free proxy providers can track users’ activity. So, privacy is not an option when it comes to free proxies. Usually, private data are used for creating targeted ads, but you could even become a victim of hackers.


OnlineSIM offers its users mobile proxies with rotation allowing them to avoid any bans and captchas in most cases. You can get reps from 150 countries, including Japan.

WIth OnlineSIM, you get a 99.5% guarantee against bans. You can set targeting to the exact city you need, with more than 60 million IP addresses available.

If you need mobile proxies buy cheap from OnlineSIM, proxies of this service are connected to mobile carriers, which grants you anonymity.


Smartproxy is a service that offers users 40 million proxies.

Among its benefits are residential proxies and intuitive user interfaces. Unfortunately, there are no SOCKS5 proxy IPs, and there’s no wide variety of cities.


Oxylabs company offers 100 million residential proxies from all over the world.

Users can get residential proxies, there’s a long list of Japanese cities to choose from, proxies perform well, and a reliable support team.

It’s a relatively expensive service.


The service offers about 72 million residential proxies to its customers. But alas, the process of configuring a proxy server on the Laminate platform is rather complicated. It’s not a perfect option for most users.

There’s a Chrome extension, customer service, and a trial version of the app.

The prices are relatively high.


It’s a well-established service for customers looking for proxy servers from Japan. But like most of the services, it’s also an expensive one. We should say that its list of proxies is not extensive compared to some other companies.

GeoSurf offers residential proxies with trustworthy IP addresses. There’s a long list of cities. Users can install the browser extension of GeoSurf.

Unfortunately, there’s no SOCKS5, and there’s no streaming option either.