Why Google Paid Ads, and Organic SEO are a Winning Formula for All Brands

BY IN Uncategorized, 1.03.2021

A lot of people do ask whether Google paid ad or organic SEO work for their business or not?

Before answering this question, let me clear to you that Google paid ads are online advertisements that you will see next to your research. It is a professional accreditation provided by Google. In present times, many business brands opt to advertise their business through Google ads.

On the other hand, if you improve SEO, it can get you the top ranking on Google. Top ranking means many people will get you in quick time.

In that way, you advertise whatever you want. In a world full of SEO, Organic SEO is progressing day by day for website traffic. As highlighted on Granwehr, search based on organic accounts for half day of all website visitors. This factor makes it a smart way of getting traffic on the website.

Let’s find out how this marketing business can help you become a successful marketer or businessman.

How Google Paid Ads are helpful in business?

Google Ads is an advertising solution that allows website owners and businesses to show ads to people next to Google searches. It helps them to increase traffic on their site. You will only pay when someone clicks on ads and enters your site, which boosts your business.

You have the luxury to tweak the Google ads whenever you want, and you can set different ads for different kinds of people. Besides, Google Ads also provides you with an opportunity of marketing your business outside of Search. This process goes ahead by showing ads on websites in the GDN (Google Display Network).

GDN contains many sites across the web, and you can get to even more customers in this regard. You also have the right to pick specific areas and types of people you would like to reach. It is a modern yet very effective way of increasing the worth of your business.

Face-to-face communication is not an easy task at all. You got to be at your toes all time. Meanwhile, Google ads have made the job easy for everyone who wants to engage in a business.

Let’s reach out to Google ads’ strategies that help you make your business more useful than ever before.

Two Google Ad Strategies: Conversions and Branding

There are two most common and famous Google Ad strategies. The first one is branding that builds awareness in targeted markets. Direct conversions are the second one. Google Ads is good at achieving branding and conversion strategies.

The best strategy will be if you mix both the methods to get the best possible results. To make these strategies work, you have to understand the prospective customer and their preferences; in this way, you can work according to their plans and desires.

Landing pages and ad content must focus on the user intent of clicks and conversions. In this way, you can construct a healthy campaign for your business and help your business reach the skies’ heights.

How Organic SEO works?

Organic SEO is a strategy or a method used to get the top ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Organic SEO is a way of getting results and attaining a natural placement.

It can go through strategies that optimize the web pages by boosting keywords, incorporating backlinks and Meta tags, and writing high relevant and high-quality content.

It is a low-cost but effective investment that you don’t have to pay for advertising the content but instead invest in creating excellent results.

How Organic SEO helps in marketing businesses?

The search engine optimization world is progressive with each passing day. Despite different diversification and other digital marketing plans, SEO will remain the game changer for many reasons. If you intended to increase your site’s traffic and want to advertise your business, it would help you gracefully.

Organic SEO will help you to generate more clicks with quality and relevant content. Users opt to read the content that can solve their answers and problems. If you are living up to the user’s expectations, it will make you trustworthy.

Now you are willing to achieve your business goals when you put the content on the site; the users will get into the content and return. When the users reach your site, they would want to stay for a longer time.

The intent and theory with organic SEO are somehow different because the audience will deliberately look for you to find out what you are offering or selling. This factor shows the organic users are the best customers that will increase traffic and quality traffic.

Organic SEO provides stables and long-lasting results to help your business achieve success with excellent customer trust.


Let’s dig into some of the primary and unique benefits that Organic SEO possesses to business brands.

  1. High ROI

Organic SEO offers the highest level of Return of Investment (ROI) than any other marketing method.

  1. Long term results

When you implement your plans ethically and effectively, you will get the best results on a long-term basis.

  1. Cost-Effective

Organic SEO is one of the most and best cost-effective marketing methods.

  1. Increased sales

SEO helps you in boosting your sales, prospect lists, and inquiries.

  1. 24/7 Promotion

The internet works for 24 hours a day as it doesn’t sleep at all. If you invest in Organic SEO, it will give your brand exposure all day long.

  1. Increased Accessibility

SEO helps you make your website more accessible and reachable than ever before.

  1. Cross-Browser compatibility

SEO will make sure that the website looks good, no matter what kind of browser you are using.

  1. Targeted traffic

With Organic SEO, the users you bring on-site will most likely come and search for your services and products.

Final Thoughts on Improving Your SEO Efforts

Advertising a business through online platforms is common now. However, it is essential to choose a method that will work effectively for you. Google paid ads, and organic SEO are two methods of building a monopoly in the online world — for both local and internet-based websites and brands of all sizes.

Their effectiveness and affordability are beyond the imaginations of many competitors. If you want to advertise your business, you should look for these two methods. They will help you not just on a short-term basis but on a long-term basis.