Web Design Tips Creating Custom Online Store

BY IN Uncategorized, 23.11.2020

Many consumers are taking their money online for a more efficient and relevant buying experience. When you buy products online, you rarely consider the website’s design if it’s designed well. However, a poorly designed website will discourage potential customers from returning to your site, believing in your brand, and buying your products.

Experts believe that 94% of your site’s first impressions correlate to your website design. A great online store understands how design, flow, features, customer service, accessibility, and the story your brand is telling affects the customer experience. Designing the perfect site to satisfy your loyal customers and attract new customers is achievable with the implementation of the following useful tips:

Simplify Your Design

E-commerce platforms like Printful (https://www.printful.com/start-online-tshirt-business), Shopify, and WooCommerce can help you customize your online shop to maximum it’s effectiveness for your target market. It’s tempting to give your potential customers all of the information about your product, its features, and its history but all of this information drastically interrupts the flow and cleanliness of your website.

Giving your customers simple choices that make it easy to find the products they’re looking for is the best way to get them to make purchases. Clean designs, that flow well, and allow your products to tell their stories, make custom online stores prosperous.

Give Your Store an Identity

Web users can differentiate between trustworthy sites and those that appear to be a scam based on their design. Building your brand identity into your website’s design is important for establishing the credibility of your design. Customers won’t purchase your products if your site doesn’t tell them anything about your brand and they may discourage others from buying your products as well if they feel it’s a scam.

Knowing your brand, target audience, and establishing the identity of the brand will make designing the website easier. Understanding your brand identity helps you choose colors that identify with the feelings your products are meant to convey, help you differentiate your brand from competitors, and cultivate an audience that believes in your story.

Create Urgency

Offering irresistible deals to potential customers may encourage them to make a purchase, return to your site in the future, and tell others about your products. Some online shops offer free shipping as an incentive for people purchasing products to save money on shipping costs.

Custom online stores can display quantity amounts for hot products to encourage people to purchase now rather than wait until later.

Use High-Quality Content

Designing your custom online store in a way that shows high-quality images and videos of happy customers using your products in a scannable manner could increase the chances of your site making a sale. Breaking up your content in a way that keeps it simple, puts stunning images of your product in the forefront, and creates consistency in the design making your site more enjoyable for customers will improve your chances of engaging with customers.

Consider Your Customers

Visiting your brand’s website as a customer can help business owners understand the holes in their website design. Getting your customer’s opinions about your site’s design could be a useful tool in helping to improve your custom online store as well because they may consider elements of the experience overlooked by the designers. Customers will consider the checkout process, social proof, and navigation of your site before making a purchase, and incorporating a design that addresses these concerns could improve the performance of your custom online store.