What is the Covid-19 Pandemic Marketing Strategy?

BY IN Uncategorized, 21.05.2020

In this article, I will share what we’re doing at SaleSource, for our consulting clients in order to market effectively during the Covid-19 Pandemic or any big historical shift in the market, for that matter.

You need to answer the following questions:

1. Who  is your customer?

Meaning, who are they right now?  Did they fundamentally change after Corona, did the type of  person you’re selling to change?  Let’s say you’re selling to ctOS at startups.  Are you still selling?  Owing to ctOS at startups or are you selling to somebody  else?

For most businesses, the answer is going to be our customer base has not changed.  We are still targeting the exact same people we were targeting  before.

If your customer base has changed.  Let’s say you’re following the corona ideas video and now  you’re going after cleaning services or lawn care or one  of the other niches that is booming right now, then your  customer might have changed.  So things later on in your marketing strategy you’re going  to change because your customers different.

But for right now, I’m going to assume that you’re selling to the same  person now that you were selling to before the corona pandemic  started, then you want to ask the next question, which is:

2. Where do  they live?

And that means not physically right?  I don’t want to hear that you’re marketing to people everywhere  around the globe or you’re marketing to people in New York  City. It doesn’t matter where they physically live.  I mean, where do they live at work?  Where do they spend their eight hours of the day, at work?  Is it in front of a computer looking at their email?  Is it browsing Facebook?  Is it browsing LinkedIn?  Are they at Live Events?  And that’s going to change now, in the corona pandemic.

If they used to go to events, a hundred percent of the time and they’re not at events right now, where are they? That is worth thinking about when you come  up with your Corona pandemic marketing strategy.  Where are your customers right this second.

3. Reach your customers

Then number three, once you have those two questions answered  who’s your customer?  And where do they live? You want to talk to them where they  are, if they used to be at events, but now they’re on email, then you need a solid cold email strategy.

If you used to  cold call and now they’re not picking up, because they’re  not in the office you need another strategy to reach them, either cold email or ads or  something that gets you in front of the customers where they  live currently and not where they used to live even a couple  months ago.  You need a new strategy.

4. Rework your highest converting campaign for the new channel

That offer that used to work so well at conferences, you should try it as a cold email, that print ad that worked so well in inflate magazines for years, try it as a Facebook ad. You need to open up those new channels, but you don’t want to throw out everything that has worked in the past. Just because there’s a pandemic  or a market shift, that doesn’t mean that customers all of  a sudden don’t need the thing that you’ve been proven to  sell over the last several years or months.  They still need your thing and they’re probably going to  listen to ads the exact same way.  But if you were selling at conferences and conferences are  dead now, you have to open up a new channel, simple as that.

So your print ads are now Google ads you’re cold calling  and event strategy is now a cold emailing strategy, your door-knocking  campaign also probably a cold email strategy.  I’d say most of these business issues can be solved by cold  email. Cold  email has worked for the last 30 years and I think it’s going  to keep working for a while.  Then number five, what you want to do is:

5. Learn and improve

These new campaigns that you launched and that you’re testing are just the starting point. That means if you go out there and you try a cold  email strategy and it doesn’t work, you’re not going to give up, because what else can you do? Go  back to events? What events?

You’re going  to need a new strategy here.  So you cannot give up after the first failure, you want to  take the data from that campaign, even if that first campaign  was garbage and you want to improve it.  Step by step.  What I do is start at the money. Did you get any purchases from the campaign? If there were  no buys –  take a step back.

How many replies did you get? If there were no replies, how many opens, how many Impressions did you get? If there  were no opens or impressions – you need a new subject line on the cold email or you need  to improve your ad targeting and just like that work until  the problem is solved.

If nobody’s clicking your ad rewrite  your headline if nobody’s opening your emails rewrite your  subject. If they’re opening your emails, but they’re not  responding rewrite the body of your email. If they’re responding, but it’s a negative – rephrase the body of your email, so it makes more sense ask for feedback from customers and  improve and just like that work until the problem solved.

So, to review: What is the Corona pandemic marketing strategy?

First, ask yourself these two questions

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. Talk to them where they are
  4. Rework your highest converting campaign for the new channel
  5. Learn and improve