What You Need to Know to Start Outsourcing — by Rubyroid Labs

BY IN Uncategorized, 7.05.2020

More and more customers outsource their project to development companies from around the world. It’s become a common practice for both startups and prosperous world leaders. As an outsourcing development company ourselves, we prepared a little guide for potential clients, so they won’t start off on the wrong foot.

First of all, you should decide what exactly you want to get from such cooperation. Here’s the list of questions to help:

1. What is the main goal of your outsourcing project? How is it going to promote your business?

2. Will it be a new app development or customization of an existing one? If the latter, gather all the info on your existing project and hand it over to our developers:

3. What about the end user of the software? Who is it going to be?

4. Have you thought of a design yet?

  • If yes, you will need to give full access to it.
  • If no, you have to decide if you want one or not.

5. Would you like to use your corporate colors?

6. Can you provide your developer with some references? Tell us things you like and dislike of any system, be it of competitors or a company you look up to.

7. Who will be in charge of the project from your side? We will need his or her contacts.

8. Are you going to update/support the software by yourself? Your developer can handle follow-up work, too.

9. What is your budget for the project?

10. Do you have a strict deadline for the launch?

11. Is there any documentation that can be of help?

12. Who will test the product? In case you want it tested by developer’s side, it will increase the actual staff count needed for the project; if you want to hire someone else for testing, let us know. Testing is crucial for the project.

13. Having clear requirements for your product will remarkably speed the development up. Do you have any?

If you find it difficult to answer these questions, you can hire a business analyst, whose main job is to get what you need and explain to you how exactly your idea can be implemented. He is familiar with the current market situation, knows its pitfalls and honeypots and can be extremely helpful in decision-making, so we recommend his help on your way to success.

All this preparatory work is not obligatory, but it will make your cooperation with your potential outsourcing team much easier. If you are ready to talk about your project right now, contact us at Rubyroid Labs, and we’ll start building happy tomorrow together.