What Is the Minimum You Should Expect From a Web Host

BY IN Uncategorized, 31.03.2017

There is no fixed price for a website hosting solution. Some companies will offer it for free while others will charge for the same service. The cost of hosting depends on factors such as bandwidth, storage space, uptime and customer support. In this article we’ll take a look at what you can expect from different levels of hosting, from the cheapest to the most expensive.


Free Hosting

Just as the name suggests, you do not incur any expenses to get this service. Some of the most common platforms are Blogger and WordPress. Such platforms allow you to use your name and that of their website together, which means you promote them indirectly. The model can also limit your chances of monetizing the site. In some cases, such companies place banners and adverts on your site because you are using their platform.

Shared Hosting

For this hosting platform, you share a server with other people. Several websites share resources such as storage space, bandwidth, database, email and FTP accounts.


Guaranteed uptime. Most web hosts ensure their servers are always online which is essential for business continuity.

Maintenance. You do not have to worry about the technical bits of a website when you use a shared plan. The hosting company is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the servers giving you ample time to deal with customer-related tasks.

Cheap. A single server can host many websites, which explains the low cost of hosting on such a platform. Visit NZ Based Web Hosting From $12.40 per month | Free Domain |Freeparking


  • Limits use of applications. The host determines the type of software you can use. Such a plan is not good for dynamic businesses, which need to frequently try out new things.
  • May damage your reputation. Your website will share the same IP address with companies that may be having a bad reputation. Potential customers may conclude that all businesses under the shared host are malicious or engage in unethical business.
  • Security issues. If someone attacks the server, it affects all the websites hosted. You can also suffer from domain hacking or even loss of essential data if third parties hack the servers.
  • Sluggishness. Sometimes there can be an overload of the servers due to multiple requests from different website owners. All sites share the same CPU, hard drive, and memory which may limit your access.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

With a Virtual Private Server (VPS), the hosting company subdivides the server into several virtual servers. The resulting subdivisions have the capability of performing operations independently and come with dedicated resources and hardware.


  • Easy to customise. A VPS is highly flexible and gives you a chance to personalise it to fit individual needs.
  • Cost. Even though it is more expensive than shared hosting, it is cheaper than a dedicated server.
  • Secure. The different subdivisions ensure your data is safe from mining by malicious individuals.


  • Lack of support. The hosting company expects you to manage your servers, which means you will have to sacrifice your time to do so.
  • Limited resources. Sometimes you can receive traffic that exceeds the allocated resources.

Dedicated Hosting

For this plan, the service provider devotes a single server solely to your site. You get exclusive control over the server, security systems, and its software.


  • No congestion

You lease a server that will run your site alone. There will be no sharing of resources such as disk space, bandwidth or CPU usage.

  • Customization

You can customise the server to hold software that caters to your needs. You can also experiment with new technology because your actions will not affect anybody else.

  • Security

You are at liberty to deploy security measures such as firewall configurations and anti-virus to protect your website. Some dedicated servers also come with advanced security measures such as biometric authentication that keep hackers away.


  • It is technical. You may be required to hire a professional if a problem arises beyond your scope.
  • Time-consuming. Sometimes you have to deal with the technical bits of the site, and you thus lose time for conducting business.

The cost of hosting a website depends on the plan one chooses. You should evaluate your needs and select the server that best suits you. You can also have a look at NZ Based Web Hosting From $12.40 per month | Free Domain |Freeparking for some options.