4 Tips for Generating More Leads to Your Website

BY IN Uncategorized, 1.12.2021


Whether you own a blog or an eCommerce store, generating more leads requires a solid strategy. Website visitors want conviction before buying goods or services or providing their contact information. They also like an easy-to-navigate creative web design that loads and answers their questions fast. 

What will you do to ensure seamlessness on your website, generate more leads and stay ahead of competitors? Here are four tips you can use to generate more leads for your website. 

1. Create buyer personas to nurture leads

It is impossible to pique buyers’ interest without a smart plan. A wise way to create buyer personas is to research and analyze details about your ideal customers. This will include looking into their location, age, budget, beliefs, interests, gender, goals, and hobbies. Achieving this will make tailoring your products or services breezier. It will also guide you on the best approach to creating content and nurturing leads. 

2. Optimize lead-generating pages for SEO

Savvy online business owners understand how SEO impacts business success. They gather insights into customers’ needs, fears, and problems before offering credible solutions. They also stay updated on UI/UX design trends to optimize lead generation on high-traffic pages. 

Over 50% of a site’s visitors spend about 15 seconds on a page before deciding whether to stay or bounce. An excellent tactic you can use to optimize lead-generating pages for SEO is to leverage user exit-intent technology. This will trigger enticing pop-up notifications if visitors want to leave without signing up. 

You can also provide links to downloadable freebies such as ebooks and cheat sheets on social media. Achieving this will boost traffic to your pages and increase the chances of generating more leads. 

For best results, be sure to contact a content marketing agency to help create a solid SEO strategy. 

3. Invest in free trials and live chat services

The average customer response time for most websites is 12 hours. If prospects wait for too long to get a reply to questions, chances are they will look for answers elsewhere. 

Investing in live chat services will help you handle most of your prospects’ questions on time. You can offer free trial products if the questions reflect a potential buyer. Doing this will increase leeway to generate more leads and conversions. Also, buyers will be more likely to hang around until a human responder is available.

4Analyze lead generation processes

You will not generate more leads with worthless content or sales links. It’s not every visitor to your site is a prospect, some want information only. An effective way to know how visitors interact with your site is to analyze the conversion path. You can run an A/B split test on the pages to determine how best to boost lead generation. This will involve analyzing blog CTAs and landing pages.


It is wise to include social media buttons and primary CTAs on pages with high lead generation potential. The Homepage is an ideal location to place the subscription and newsletter sign-up forms. Overall, commit to creating visually appealing blog posts to teach site visitors. Feed them with informational content about your brand before inviting them to buy or join your email list.