Best 45+ Web Tools Handpicked For 2021

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You should care about only for the best web tools.

Testing hundreds of web tools takes time, and time is money, right?

For all of you that you want to know which web tools are really efficient and worth trying, here is a super article that we put on your table (or computer J).

Below, we reviewed on short 46 web tools, each one being handpicked.

You will find below:

Here it starts.

BrandCrowd Logo Maker

Launching an online business in 2021 should be not only fun, but also quick.

You want to benefit from the great momentum and start making business.

For that, you will need a nice logo.

But not any ordinary logo will do the trick.

Use BrandCrowd logo maker to get yourself a handmade logo, quickly, and for a very small price – $45 for the standard license.

They have a library of 50,000+ stunning logos, all of them handcrafted by top designers from all over the world. In plus, all these logos were created by using handmade icons.

BrandCrowd will offer you a logo with the same quality of a $1,000 logo, but for a fraction of that cost.

Give it a try.


It is every creative’s dream to follow their passion as a career and see it produce excellent outcomes, be that a positive audience response or high income. However, to achieve favorable results, one needs to resolve a plethora of issues, from maintaining performance efficacy to accurate client billing and invoicing.

Luckily for artists, writers and other creators, all of the above is easily achievable through the adoption of an effective tool for work management, time tracking and insightful productivity analysis – actiTIME.

The tool has everything you may want for optimally arranging the work process:

  • Create projects, manage tasks and then monitor work progress on the Kanban board;
  • Track the working hours and billable time in a straightforward timesheet;
  • Assess performance efficiency and stay in the know of how profitable or costly your projects are through various charts and reports.

We know that even the slightest distraction can ruin the moments of creativity. Therefore, as a responsible creator, you will definitely find actiTIME’s automatic timer feature worthwhile. The timer can be accessed through the mobile app or Chrome extension and activated with a single click on the start button. Don’t forget to stop it once the task is completed, and the time tracking data will be submitted to your actiTIME account without any additional effort on your part. In this way, you’ll be able to get rid of manual data entry but still have a chance to analyze your time use behaviors and make prompt corrections if needed. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level.

Mobirise Website Builder

You are tired of complicated website builders and you want a piece of software that is simple to use, efficient, and which will help you create professional websites that can compete with the very expensive websites?

Then Mobirise is the right builder for you.

It has everything you need included (4,000+ stunning website templates, elements, and a friendly interface), and it is popular among both beginners and experts for its ease of use.

Try it.


If you need fully customized web development work (for WordPress, Shopify, eCommerce, email, or front-end), get in touch with Goodie.

The agency has huge experience in this niche, being powered by the famous Xfive firm.

Get your free quote today.

TestingBot: Cross Browser Testing and Mobile App Testing

TestingBot makes cross-browser and mobile app testing to the next level, providing the most advanced platform in the industry.

In plus, its interface is intuitive, quick, and simple to use.

Register for the 14-day free trial and test TestingBot.

You will love it big time.


Codester is a huge marketplace that helps web designers, developers, marketers, and online entrepreneurs get high-quality website themes, plugins, apps, graphics, and much more.

Take a look.

Web & Mobile Digital Agency– Startechup

You are looking for developers with huge experience, knowhow and desire to deliver outstanding results.

You will find them at Startechup.

Hire the agency and let them transform your ideas into fully functional websites and software.

Check out their Portfolio and contact them for a free consultation.

Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

Taskade is a popular collaboration tool that companies and freelancers use to get more things done, in less time.

The interface is smart, clean, intuitive, and loads extremely fast, being the best in the industry.

Sign up for the free plan and give it a try.


Bonsai created the most popular web tools for freelancers, helping them build professional proposals, contracts, and invoices.

Use Bonsai and help tons of time each day, these web tools are extremely efficient and easy to use.

Try them.

Total Theme

Use Total theme for WordPress to create any kind of website you need:

  • Shop
  • Portfolio
  • Business
  • Blog
  • Creative
  • Agency

It has tons of premade skins that you can install with 1-click, and the smart builder will help you do all the edits you need.

Get started.


Struggling to grow your Instagram account? At Ampfluence, we:

  • Identify and laser target your audience
  • Increase your Instagram influence
  • Grow your account through active management

Simply focusing on Instagram growth tactics won’t help your account standout.

You’ll just be adding more noise on the platform instead of building a relevant and profitable channel for your brand.

This is where Ampfluence’s team of 50+ analysts comes in. Whether you’re looking to get more engagement, generate more sales, stay active, or grow your audience, Ampfluence can help you achieve those goals.

Organic Instagram growth takes time. Choose from one of their growth plans and get started!

Ad Angles

Ad Angles is the best ads management service for small businesses, SaaS, and brands seeking an affordable but highly capable team.

They’re an approved Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Premier Agency, and Amazon Advertising Partner.

They’ll set up and manage Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon paid campaigns for startups, solopreneurs and SMBs.

Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, the Ad Angles PPC management team can help you reach your goals. And you won’t have to worry about what it costs because it’s the most affordable pricing in the industry.

How affordable? Well we’ve checked and you won’t find any other ads management agency that comes close to their credibility, talent, or creativity.

White label Email Marketing software by Mailmunch 

You are looking for a white label email marketing software that you can use as your own in-house solution?

Mailmunch offers this professional solution that you can customize and sell it to your own customers.

Save time and your resources, use Mailmunch.


You want to create engaging emails and landing pages exactly as the top companies in the world?

Use Unlayer, this is the web tool that the best marketers and companies from all parts of the world use.

Give it a try and you will love it instantly.

WhatFontIs – Font Identifier

You want to identify fonts and you don’t know how?

It is simple.

Take a picture of the font, upload it to and follow the 3 easy steps.

The web tool is 100% free to use and you don’t need to register.

Try it now.

MVP development services– Startup Oasis

Launching an MVP is not as simple as some might think.

Let Startup Oasis team of experts help you with everything, making sure you will successfully launch your MVP.

They created several MVP packages to choose from, take a look and pick the right one for your project.

Podcast Booking Agency

Podcasting is the way to go if you are looking for expert ways to heavily improve your SEO and create links correctly.

Podcast Booking Agency will help you get booked as a guest on all the podcasts you want, engaging with your audience.

Check this service, it is brilliant.


BeTranslated is one-of-a-kind translation agency that puts enormous accent on delivering SEO-friendly translations and copywriting, being popular among companies of all sizes and industries.

Get a free quote.

Hire Jordan Smith

If you’re in search of quality web design look no further! Hire Jordan Smith is a Tulsa web design company with many years of experience producing professional websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States.

Whether you’re a law firm or service company hoping to attract more clients, a blogger seeking to increase your online presence or an eCommerce store looking to increase sales, Hire Jordan Smith can work with you to create a strategically built website that will help you reach your digital goals.

Get a free quote from Hire Jordan Smith.

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is the most popular plugin for WordPress, helping you to quickly implement a fully customized knowledge base on your website.

Learn more about this plugin.


You want to skyrocket your website in terms of SEO but you don’t know how to do it?

Hire Complete SEO agency and they will come with a feasible plan.

Get in contact with them right now.

Popular WooCommerce Themes

Astra is a popular WooCommerce theme that powers some of the best shops in the world.

The theme is loaded with tons of premade skins and elements, it loads fast, and it is easy to fully customize.
Take a look.

Fast Dumpster

Fast Dumpster is a professional, reliable, and affordable service made by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs.

Enter your ZIP code and get a free quote.

Angular Templates

Looking for high-quality angular templates?

You will find them on WrapPixel website, a developer with huge experience in such products.

Take a look.

XSTORE – The Most Customizable WooCommerce Theme

XSTORE is the favorite WooCommerce store theme of high-performing shop owners, loving this product for how complete it is and affordable.

Find out more about XSTORE.

Web Scraping API

Abstract is a professional web scraping API that you can use right now, with no prior experience or any knowhow.

Get it now.

Online Portfolio Websites by Pixpa

Looking to create a stunning portfolio website but you don’t have any experience and design skills?

No problem, with Pixpa anyone can do it.

Try this website builder, is very simple to use, and the results are excellent.


If you have a small business or you are a freelancer, you need a powerful, reliable, and affordable invoicing software.

InvoiceBerry is considered the best for small companies, being very simple to use, yet including all the features you want.

Start a free trial and see how it works.


Acowebs plugins has come with their latest product, WooCommerce Quick View plugin which helps customers to navigate further details of a product by clicking on a product thumbnail. Then, they can see the product and its details with a short description related to its features in a popup window. It’s an amazing plugin for WooCommerce stores as it helps brands promote their products in the best possible way. Now enable customer convenience with WooCommerce Quick View by allowing them to quickly take a look at your products easily.

Denver Web Design Services

No matter what kind of website you need, or what insane target you want to hit, Upqode agency will handle your project with ease.

They have the experience and deep knowhow, working with customers of all sizes.

Ask for a free quote.

Honey Apps

Honey Apps will help you sell more without asking you for a cent of your money.

Implement this professional upsell funnel and offer your customer complementary products and product upgrades.

It is simple, do it know.

Wiremo – product review platform for eCommerce

Wiremo is the best partner for your business! With Wiiremo you get very efficient and knowledgeable integration to your website. Setup is a breeze and a really big help to substantiate the quality of your products with clear and genuine reviews.

If we would compare Wiremo vs Yotpo (our main competitor), fully customizable emails would be one of the factors pushing Wiremo on the top. It allows you to not only create your own identity but also design each email individually so customers get an experience tailored for them instead of generic templates with just their name slapped onto it or in some cases nothing at all! This carefree feeling is exactly why you need Wiremo in the first place.


AMG is a highly appreciated and professional web design agency that helps companies of all sizes with stunning websites.

Get a free quote.

Aspire Media – SEO Company

Aspire Media is a SEO Ireland based agency working with both local and international customers, companies off all sizes, shapes, and industries.

They are popular for overdelivering, for being easy to work with, and for respecting tight deadlines.

Check their web design packages and pick the right one for your project.


LogoAI is a professional logo builder that anyone can use, no matter the level of design skills or experience.

Start by writing down your business name.

You will get hundreds of gorgeous logo designs to choose from.

Try it.

pCloud – The Most Secure Cloud Storage

pCloud revolutionized the cloud storage industry, offering a complete package for a one-time payment which is super affordable.

The software is super smart, quick, secure, and easy to use.

Find out more about pCloud.

WordPress Developer in Kansas City

You want a stunning website but you want to pay an honest price?

Kansas City Web Design & SEO agency is known for the high-quality of their work and for the affordable rates they work for.

Get a free quote.


DWS is a top digital agency that will help you with absolutely everything you need:

  • Website design
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • And even more.

Get your free quote.


Landingi is the easiest to use landing page builder in the industry.

It was created for people with 0 experience and 0 design skills, so they can create engaging and professional landing pages too.

Give it a try.


FoxMetrics is a professional web analytics platform that you can use to perfectly understand why are your customers leaving your website, where and in which point, and much more.

The software is very exact and easy to use.

Ask for a free demo.

Argon – Low Code Builder

Argon Web Builder is a brilliant simple web pages builder that comes loaded with some stunning designs and elements.

The builder is super simple to use, you just drag and drop blocks, you arrange them as you wish, and you customize them with a few clicks.

Try it.

Cloe Brooks

Cloe Brooks is a versatile solution for psychologists, psychological clinics, psychology hospitals, hypnotherapists, psychiatrists, and individual psychology doctors websites. It includes a collection of ready-made homepage styles matching the niche-specific topic. A fully editable layout structure of the theme makes it easy to update it with your branded colors, fonts, icons, and other elements. If you enjoy code-free website construction, you may feel free to integrate the theme with WPBakery. It also includes plenty of shortcodes and widgets for multiple purposes.


Reprizo WordPress theme is a perfect choice for everyone looking for a quick starting point for jewelry and accessories web stores. It is easy to modify the theme’s pages without any special design or coding skills thanks to its integration with the Elemetor page builder. You do not need to create any designs from scratch because plenty of ready-made inner pages and layout styles are included in the theme’s download package. Feel free to pick any of the 5 ready-made homepage demos featured in the theme’s download package. Make your site more informative using the ready-made blog and news layouts, custom shortcodes, and blocks.


Hallelujah WordPress theme will come in handy to you whenever you need to launch or build a brand-new style for church and charity websites. There are 4 ready-made homepage demos available in the theme’s download package. Use any of them as the foundation of your theme’s front page. Applying all the needed modifications to the theme’s layout is possible in the drag-and-drop mode. The theme’s compatibility with the Elementor page builder will come in handy for this purpose. While managing the theme’s blog post layouts, you can watch the results of your work in real-time using WordPress Live Customizer. Besides lots of ready-made layout styles, the theme includes the Event Calendar and Give Donation plugins, which will come in handy to launch non-profit organizations’ websites.


RumbleTalk will add a moderated chat on your website, letting you engage your website visitors with ease.
Get your chat now.

Shopping Bag PSD Mockups

On GraphicsFuel, one of the most popular websites with stunning graphics, you will find 4 professional shopping bag PSD mockups that look amazing.

Take a look.


I hope you found extremely useful these 45+ web tools and services handpicked for 2021.

Here is a bonus for all of you that managed to read the whole article – a full guide on B2B content marketing.