How to Grow Your Instagram Following Through User Engagement

BY IN Uncategorized, 28.03.2022

Instagram is rapidly gaining popularity. You can access photos on the go on either your smartphone or tablet to view them whenever you want. The goal of social media marketing is to further followers’ engagement.

To prevent your engagement metrics from downsizing and eventually dropping under, you should start engaging with other Instagram users to increase your Instagram following.

Engagement and great content are two of the best ways to grow your Instagram following. It is easier than you think to attract more followers organically who are keen to keep up with what you share, which leads to greater engagement, follower growth, and brand awareness.

You can engage more followers and turn them into customers if you have a solid strategy and the right tools.

1. Post the right number of times

It can be so easy to become enchanted by social media. Many people approach social media the same way.

However, social marketing comes with diminishing returns, just like most things in life. Posting repetitively won’t produce consistent results.

Posting once a week also isn’t enough to get anybody’s attention. You can only find your brand’s ideal balance by testing it.

Post twice a day for a week if you only post once a day. It would be best to look at your overall engagement for the week to figure out what’s best for you.

2. Engage your community in new ways

Influencer marketing is a wildly popular Instagram strategy. Show your followers what it takes to make your newest product or marketing campaign. Build engagement this way by letting them control your account.

A contest is a great way to get followers to submit their own Instagram content if you have trouble creating enough content. Not only will this help user engagement, but it will also help grow your brand on Instagram as well.

You can also expect high engagement rates if you plan your content well since contests require users to do something to enter.

3. Listen closely to your community

Using Instagram, you can monitor comments, captions, and conversations to reach your followers better and find new ones. You’ll better understand your followers and tailor your content to what people care about.

Track trends in your industry and learn about what is being said about your brand. You want to understand what your Instagram community says about what they care about. You can then engage them more effectively.

4. Use polls in your Stories

In the same way that contests are a direct call to action for your followers, polls do the same. That leads to higher engagement. It is easier to create a poll than a contest.

Creating a poll doesn’t require announcing winners or awarding prizes, and you don’t even need a good reason. As a result, followers who vote in a poll are emotionally attached to the outcome.

It makes them want to follow your account to see the results. Consequently, followers may be more inclined to watch your Stories all the way through.

5. Master Your Aesthetic

Instagram is all about visuals. Your visuals are the first thing people notice. It can be their last time engaging with your brand if you fail to pay attention to your branding. Aesthetically pleasing content is what Instagram users want on their feeds.

They need to know that you consistently deliver high-quality visual content if they will follow you and help boost your Instagram follower count and engagement rate. Your grid should contain on-brand graphics, images with complementary filters, and more.


To summarize, all you need to do to grow your Instagram account is to be interesting and give your followers something they can’t get anywhere else. Be yourself, find your style, and experiment with your great content.

Ensure that the people you follow and the ones you interact with see value in your posts, and be sure to engage regularly enough with different users to make it a routine part of your life.