Spotify can be conquered only with paid promotion!

BY IN Uncategorized, 15.04.2022

Nothing comes free in this world. We don’t live in communism, nothing is free. To have something you need to work. The harder you work, the more you have. For musicians, it results not only in the constant music-creation process but in a substantial need for promotion. On such music streaming services like Spotify, it costs money. Spotify paid promotion is the only thing that prevents a prosperous platform from becoming empty. A huge audience on Spotify does not help. 690 million users is a lot, and satisfying all of them is difficult.

paid promotion

Spotify opts for a great experience for listeners, without focusing too much on musicians. Prioritizing one over the others isn’t a good approach. Musicians join Spotify to get access to a huge audience but get no popularity instead. If you’re a musician you are already familiar with this effect. Hoping to get fast popularity you signed a contract with the devil. No mercy for newcomers!

To fight through it there are multiple approaches. You can try slow ones or fast ones. Slow approaches include constant music uploading, manual promotion, and work with social media and other platforms. It takes time, energy, and motivation. After a year of such activity, you’ll look like a squeezed lemon, unable to write a single note! The slow approach is killing talent, so don’t expect anything different. The chance that it will work out for you is minimal. If your music is so great, you don’t need a promotion. In this case, stop reading! For all of you who maintain a realistic approach to looking at things, here’s a fast way up – promotion. Don’t shake your head, don’t turn away. Let me explain why I am so sure of your need for music promotion.

Spotify is huge. It has more than 600 million active users, and every musician wants a piece of this cake. To get it fast you either have to be extremely talented and lucky, or just pay some money. A good promotion can be only paid. If you’re looking at a website that offers free music promotion – it’s a scam. It will steal your credit card details and your money as a result. If you want to avoid such a dark scenario, better get prepared to spend some lunch money.

Paid promotion consists of multiple stages happening simultaneously. Some ways of traffic generation are similar to a manual one. Social media, email bursts, YouTube, cooperation with influencers and bloggers, music magazines, etc. Not each one can be accessed by a regular person though. Also, the quality and scale of paid promotion are hundreds of times larger than any single person can have. Thus, the effectiveness and speed of popularity growth are significantly more impressive. To anyone who values time, it is the best option.

No one can predict how it will go. But some things are certain – rapid increase in the number of followers or plays, likes, or monthly listeners. Promotion can be complex or extremely targeted. Aim at any parameter and increase it. Or improve all at once. It is up to you to choose! Even if you are already somewhat popular, spending a few bucks to become even more famous is not a bad idea. Don’t you think? Spotify royalties allow promoting music without losing too much personal savings or even some earnings.

It is only up to a musician to decide his fate. Whether you want to become the star you always wanted to be or go into oblivion unnoticed, it is your choice. I am sure that with your talent you will go high! All you need is confidence. Get some confidence in yourself, promote your music and become a superstar! It is in your blood! Don’t keep your success waiting, get it! A simple action with great outcomes, isn’t that perfect?