What to Know About Customer Privacy and Marketing

Online businesses have found themselves in a tight and often difficult spot. They have to balance a sense of customer privacy with other various marketing objectives. There’s also not just general privacy to consider, but security as well.


Are Great Designers Born or Made? The Debate

What makes a great graphic or web designer? Is it talent? Skill? Or maybe experience? This debate often comes up and while many believe it takes all three elements to make a great designer, perhaps it depends on how these terms are defined.


5 Important Things to Look Out for When Choosing a WordPress Theme

You are ready to build your WordPress website, and you need to pick the right theme. A theme gives your site its look. But out there, it’s a long list.   Some are free, others you have to pay. he choice is so vast you are dazed by the share number of what is available. But moving on and choosing the right theme is becoming confusing. While some come with fancy layouts and complex animations, other is minimal. And some sit in between the two.


7 Best Ways to Give Your Logo a Makeover

Redesigning a company’s logo can be a delicate balancing act, especially when it’s one that the business has used for a long time. You don’t want to create something that feels tired and outdated, but you also don’t want to alienate the company’s most loyal followers. So how do you give a logo a fresh new look—without losing the things that attracted people to the brand in the first place?


What Is the Minimum You Should Expect From a Web Host

There is no fixed price for a website hosting solution. Some companies will offer it for free while others will charge for the same service. The cost of hosting depends on factors such as bandwidth, storage space, uptime and customer support. In this article we’ll take a look at what you can expect from different levels of hosting, from the cheapest to the most expensive.


How to Create an About Page That Stands Out

Every site should have an “About” page that highlights some of the key team members who make the brand what it is. Why? Because this information could be pivotal in helping a customer make a final purchasing decision.