Top 10 WordPress Plugins For 2017 and Beyond

WordPress is a remarkable platform for developing your own blogs, portfolios, or e-commerce website. It is the most preferred content management system which is bunched with tools to assist you to craft a professional website and to observe its performances. You can install the latest WordPress plugins available to make it look better. Listed here are top 10 WordPress plugins that will help in making your website secure, strong, SEO-friendly, and other valuable features required in a modern site.

Industry Experts Describe How to Build an Online Business for Under $100

It seems like everyday new stories are making the headlines in business and technology about ideas of new startups that are instantly worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. While it might seem like everyone is getting rich and you are getting left behind, this actually isn’t the case. The truth is, there are plenty of people making money online that aren’t making headlines. If you are still looking to get ahead in life and want to pursue a dream of starting a business of your own, we completely understand how you feel.

The Stages of Web Design & Web Development

Website creation is the sequence of complex tasks that require time, thorough brainwork and qualified work of professionals in web design and development. It is not about clicking a few buttons randomly and getting a ready-made site with a swipe of a hand. Each web design stage flows out of the previous one, and the way a professional design and web development company follows all the web site development process defines the end result. Needless to say there are commercial “geniuses” all over the world claiming that you can get a unique, excellently working site for your ecommerce business or service within a day or two. They promise a perfect online solution at an extremely affordable pricing. But it doesn’t work like that. These “experts” use the same site for many clients, making a couple of minor tweaks with colors or layout. That is why lots of sites look just the same and don’t catch any attention from potential customers. The top web development companies are creating a unique solution for each specific client, giving exactly what you and your business needs. The website development process checklist for these companies is rather long.

Keep Your Computer Virus Free With These Tips

It seems to be quite a difficult task to obtain complete computer security these days without paying a hefty amount. However, with the help of the following steps you will be able to get some good amount of safety for your computer. Computer’s security is something one should not take for granted. A lot depends on it and you don’t want to make things worse by letting the computer get affected by various types of viruses.

5 Key Aspects of a Successful Tech Startup

Technology is everywhere. From booking a cab to booking an appointment with a doctor, today, you can do everything on your laptop or smartphone. All of this is thanks to the millions of technology startups in the arena. Finding an idea for a startup is easy. Running a startup is exciting and there’s something new to do every day. Seems like the dream doesn’t it? However, there is a flip side. Not all startups see success. To ensure that your idea doesn’t fizzle out here are a few things you should keep in mind.

How to Make Money Online

Thanks to the creation of the internet, many people are now able to make money online, from either being a professional blogger or a travel writer.

What’s Missing from Your WordPress Template?

WordPress is free software that the user can download, install and utilize to create almost any type of website. Further, WordPress is open source which means that anyone can access the software and modify it according to their needs. WordPress only requires a domain and web hosting to work. Millions of users around the world use this software because it is easy to use and learn.

Is It Important to Have Professional Joomla Templates?

Saying that Joomla is the best content management system that the world has ever known is an exaggeration. However, it cannot be denied that Joomla is an outstanding platform. Besides that it is completely free to use, the CMS is able to support SEO, RSS, media, and the list goes on. Another thing that sets Joomla apart is the fact that it is user-friendly. Good for you if you are on the point of launching your own website. You could not have made a better decision. The most important thing you have to focus on right now is the design. Navigation can make or break your website, so you should think about using professional Joomla templates. Hmm, is this really important? Yes, it is. Let us try to understand more about the matter.