10 Latest WordPress Themes With Photo Backgrounds

If you want your WordPress website to make a statement and stand out among the crowd of competitors you definitely need to consider photo backgrounds. High quality full-screen photos at the background of your website are guaranteed to make a strong visual impact on your visitors.


How To Install a WordPress Theme. Step-by-Step Video Guide

I love WordPress, and the fact is – many of you love WP too. Its easy and user-friendly interface, the huge selection of themes, plugins and extensions, these things are why WordPress is the CMS of choice for millions of website owners out there. The only downside I can see in WordPress is that sometimes installing a WP theme may be a little bit too tricky to my liking.

wp theme installation guide

How To Install an HTML Web Template. Video Tutorial

I’ve been working in web design related projects for almost 10 years now, and I have to admit – I still don’t know how to install many of the products. I do know though how to install the most popular ones, those being Website Templates and WordPress Themes. So I decided to share this useful knowledge with you. Today we are going to learn how to install an HTML5 template.


10 Newest PrestaShop Templates

PrestaShop is widely known as one of the best shopping cart solutions on the market. This open source software has a great and supportive community ready to help with whatever issue you might have, it’s free, it has a huge number of free and premium modules to broaden functionality, multiple payment gateway options, it supports multiple languages and has a template system; no wonder there’s more than 250 000 stores built with PrestaShop worldwide.


How To Create The Best Online Shopping Experience For Your Customers

It does not matter if you sell apparel, or furniture, or web designs online – in this competitive day and age you have to create the best online shopping experience for your customers, if you want them to stay customers that is. Giving them the best product, the one they want and look for goes without saying, but oftentimes it’s not enough any more.

online shopping experience

Get Acquainted With Material Design

Web design world is susceptible to trends and fads like no other. There’s a new rage in web design every couple of months. Yesterday it was parallax scrolling every website had to have, today it’s hero headers and ghost buttons. Who knows what it’s gonna be tomorrow. Well, Google does actually. Google knows everything 🙂

material design