Free Icons Collection

Looking for some freebies? You are right on the spot! In this article we’ve collected a huge list of more than 1000 free web icons! These icons work great in a variety of different ways. Use them for apps, websites, templates, promotional materials, presentations, illustrations, infographics, and more! Just scroll down and enjoy your freebie!


How to Blog for Bucks

Get ready to be mind blown.
The world’s most popular blogs are making about $30,000 a day.

Whoa! Slow down your thinking there…before you get excited, you should know that those guys have been around for at least six or so years, and they’ve mastered stuff you probably haven’t even heard about.


10 Best Moto CMS Templates 2016 for Business Websites

Are you looking for a rock-solid foundation for your business web project? Search no more. In a compilation below we have listed 10 professionally built MotoCMS 3.0 themes for a variety of business niches.

In addition to the designs built as per the latest web standards, the themes come with free 14-day trial period. So, you can test how the preferred theme performs before you decide to purchase it. Moreover, you can get any theme from the showcase 30% off. Use the promo-code SPECTRUM during the checkout and the price will get automatically slashed.


Huge Sale on ALL Premium Templates

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How to Find the Best Antivirus


Do you know that roughly half of all the adults in America are hacked every six months? Or that over 30,000 websites are hacked a day? No, you didn’t read that wrong- a day! Sure, some of these attacks are very simple and straightforward, such as compromising an internet browser for one session to show a lot of irritating ads… but others are more sinister and disastrous.


30% Off All WordPress Themes. This Week Only

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