9 Tools for Freelancers Who Run Their Business

There is a huge difference between being an employee and being a freelancer.
When you are an employee, you do exactly what you are paid to do, be it writing, coding, or design, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

The Marriage of Words and Web Design

There is a saying in digital marketing strategy that says content is king. However, in an increasingly digital world, visuals like video, photos, graphics, and colors all play a vital role as well.

4 Things to Know About Ecommerce

Business owners these days have a lot of tools accessible to them to attract more customers and increase sales; such is the role of e-commerce. With the new and highly developed software platforms and tools, any business; big or small, can easily set up an online shop and have it running the soonest possible. Almost, if not all businesses may have already set-up their e-commerce websites because of the countless benefits they can give. If you are one business owner, who is yet to set up shop, read on for some of the things you may want to know about e-commerce.

5 Common Technical Mistakes Beginners Make When Starting a Blog

These days more and more people of all ages, professions, and interests decide to start a blog and it’s easy to see why. Blogging has become one of the common things in a modern society and one of the most popular ways of communicating your ideas, knowledge and spreading the latest news.

Guide to Installing Plugins on WordPress the Right Way

WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms on the web. Not only is WordPress simple to use but, buy with the help of countless plugins available, you can enhance the functionality and experience of your website to a great extent. These plugins are small packages of software offering customization for certain aspects of your site/blog. These can help you modify your website according to your specific needs and enhance the overall website experience further.

Importance Of Free Images And Where To Find Them

In today’s day and time, all of us may know that any content that is visually appealing, supporter, or is presented by images has a much better impact on the audience. Us, human beings, are well-known to easily absorb various information much better when it is presented through graphics and pictures. On the other hand, however, looking for a high or at least, good quality images on the internet may be a hard thing to do. Furthermore, more often than not, you may just end up having crappy stock photos that are in low resolution, blurry, or worse –watermarked. Though most of the images that you may find are a bit tacky, there are some that might cost a huge amount of money. This is why free images are very important, especially in blogs and marketing. Give this article a read and get to know more about these free images, and where can you find them!

Key Tips For Website Design For Small Businesses

Small business owners require more than just a Facebook page and if they want to be successful, a website for their small business is a must-have. One reason is that a website is the perfect place where your customers can learn more about your services or products. So, to ensure that your website design gets the desired results, double-check that you implement the following tips:

5 Tips and Tricks to SEO in 2018

Business persons should break the bad practice of perceiving elements of an SEO strategy as a one-off task. Too often, businesses optimize a web page and never fine-tune it. A 2017 HubSpot study revealed 61% of marketers viewed growing organic visibility as their leading inbound marketing concern, although they don’t consistently see it through.