How SEO & Social Media Can Work Together

The best way to describe SEO would be the means of convincing Google that your site is the best possible search engine result for a product or service that you are providing for. Typically, SEO falls under marketing and social media efforts fall under PR which in turn creates a conflict in strategy within the business. Therefore, don’t both combine to have an impact on a page’s SEO page ranking. Google rather treats social media posts as individual web pages when it comes to a search.

Social Media Marketing in 2018 and Where We are Headed

Social media and networking has completely changed the way we not only connect with other people in the world today, but also how brands connect with their audiences and customers as well. Just around a decade ago, most content on the internet was simply a one-way conversation and sites were created with basic HTML. At the same time, email was one of the most effective ways to get in touch with an audience and start a conversation. Now everything is completely different.

Build Your Brand With Backlinks: What They Do & How to Make Them Work for You

When seeking to increase your SEO ranking, considering backlink placement is essential. Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. Pages with a lot of backlinks tend to rank higher on larger search engines. However, you want to focus on quality backlinks that are relevant to postings’ subject matter. One of the advantages of incorporating backlinks is that they help get referral traffic. Referral traffic often hones in on a specific audience and contributes a lower bounce rate. Generating backlinks for your site can increase viewership and sales. Here are some tactics you can implement to gain more backlinks.

The Importance of Capturing Qualified Leads in Challenging Markets

A qualified lead is someone who meets the criteria for your target market. Unfortunately, most web forms don’t qualify leads at all.
You’ve seen the forms that ask for only a first name and email address; those forms capture more leads, but the results come at a price. The majority of your email list isn’t your target market.

The Most Ideal Themes for Orthodontist Websites In 2017

Having a website is the first step towards creating an online presence that can actually boost the profile and success of your orthodontic practice.

According to the orthodontics marketing experts at OrthoSynetics, “…every business in this modern age needs a website. This is because competing businesses all have websites, so by not having a website, you are automatically putting your business at a disadvantage…”


10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Whether you’re a millennial struggling to make rent, a stay at home mom with unexpected expenses, or a college student looking for some extra cash, there are lots of ways you can make money from home. And many of them are easy! So if you’re ready to make some money easily online, check out this list to get started.

How is it Beneficial to Learn Elixir?

Elixir is a fairly new but budding programming language that you can use for general programming purposes. It runs on a virtual machine known as Erlang. We’re not sure if we can suggest that you learn Elixir as a first language in your journey with programming languages because it is still very new and will make things very specific for you. Instead, go after the giants like Python or Java as your first languages.  That being said, a good elixir course can help in your journey in many ways.